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Cube grow lens - 5 pack. 3mm to 2cm growth. Just add water. Student and lab experiment use Science fair project. Preparation: Put the Grow Lenses or Grow Cubes into a large, clean glass jar and fill it approximately ¾ full with distilled water and wait overnight (tap water is usually OK). Remember, each Grow Lens will grow to the size of a big marble, so leave a lot of extra room. General Use: Once hydrated, Grow Lenses should stay full for a number of days even when out of water. Store them in water for longer periods. They are slippery and fragile! Give students a paper towel to hold their lenses when not in use. Rinse lenses in water if they get dirty. Ray Optics: Use a laser pen with the Grow Lens and Grow Cube. (This works best in dim light and with dyed Grow Lenses.) . Image Formation: Hold the lenses above text and images (either laminate or put pages in a zip top bag) and investigate how images are formed through the lenses. Osmosis: Pile salt onto the top of a Grow Lens and onto a Grow Cube. Osmosis through the semi-permeable membrane drives salt into the material and, as water streams out, the material shrinks back to its original size. The salted top of a Grow Cube takes on a saddle shape as it shrinks but the spherical Grow Lens can't tolerate any shrinkage of its outside layer because a sphere already has the minimum ratio of surface area to internal volume. The surface of the shrinking sphere rips open and the Grow Lens collapses into many pieces!

Cube grow lens - set of 5 - for lab and student optics experimen [AIX-GC-15PK]

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