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This tiny laser power meter is less than ¾" thick, weighing only 4 oz. (120 g) and is easily carried in a shirt pocket. Ideal for in the field testing and repair of DVD, VCD, CD and MD (mini disk) players. The controls, display and sensor are all neatly contained and protected within the folding case with directions printed right inside the cover. When open the sensor may be extended for remote use or snaps into a fixed position atop the case. Unit features relative temperature, min-max, bar grap display, auto power off, and hold functions and indicates low battery and over range. Reads in mW and uW. Powered by 2 button cell batteries (included). Meter Dim: 4.5" x 3" x ¾" (177 x 76 x 18 mm). 40mw test range, Multi frequency, max / min / current readings.

Sper Scientific Laser Power Meter [AIX-SPER-1]

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