Pangolin Quickshow

Pangolin Quickshow
Call us directly for holiday specials on this software! Full tutorial on the software is located here: http://youtu.be/AZzDw0dzSA0 QuickShow is a complete laser system. It is capable of graphics as well as beam effects. It has everything you need for a modern laser light show. QuickShow isn’t just about a better user experience. It also has advanced technology such as the all-new Beyond calculation engine. Beyond automatically takes care of scanner optimization and color mixing. In tests, QuickShow produced noticeably better image quality. One beta tester said: “It made my scanners look new again!” MAIN FEATURES: Cues: Nearly 2000 graphics, animations, beam effects and abstracts are included. Abstract frames: Make planetarium-style abstract shapes, such as flowers or spirograph geometric figures. Live controls: For a cue or the entire display, adjust size, position, rotation angle, rotation speed, color, color cycling, scan speed and animation rate Display timing: Manual (mouse/keyboard), automatic to beat (BPM), autorun for sequences and timeline. BPM methods: Timed, audio beat detect, manual. Preview: On-screen preview of all graphics and beams using Windows OpenGL. Autotrace bitmaps: Import GIF, JPG, BMP files and convert instantly to laser. Outline and centerline tracing modes Custom effects: Apply one or more effects to a cue, a sequence or a timeline event. Effects include colors (preset and changing), pulse/flash/strobe, trace, chop, ripple, mirror, double, scroll, rock, throb, zoom and bounce. Projector correction and zones: Full geometric correction for off-axis scanning. HIt multiple screens from one projector, using projection zones (cues are positioned and scaled to appear in part of the scan area).

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1 x 3 pin socket mount for laser diodes
28 x RGB kit 650-150 / 532-80 / 450-120 TTL with optics 12VDC
7 x 5mw 650nm laser diode 5 pack
62 x 880nm 10mW laser OEM module 3.2VDC w/ adj. lens 880nm
54 x 5 pack 650nm 3mW Mini3x7mm 3 pin PCB board ready laser with full
56 x 635nm 25mW Laser Module 12x30mm
9 x 808nm 150mW Laser Module, 3.2VDC
3 x AixiZ USB to clips power cable
15 x 650nm 5mW 3.2VDC 8x13mm
1 x 405-445 nm laser kit no diode
1 x 650nm 200mW TTL 12VDC adjustable power
87 x 405nm 150mw TTL TEC cooled OEM 12VDC
8 x 532nm 5~25mW Adjustable Power 3VDC Line/Cross Attachable
3 x Blue LED 4 Pod LED light 60" leads 12VDC
6 x 1.4W OSRAM laser diode 450nm TO-56
3 x FedEx US 2Day up to 5 lb
6 x 532nm 5~25mW Adjustable Power 3VDC
18 x 12X30mm round aluminum mount for AixiZ 12X30mm units
8 x AixiZ 650nm laser pointer 5mw
4 x AixiZ Smoked Acrylic 4 Lens Set for Laser Viewing
8 x AixiZ Multi-Band AR Lens 400-700nm single element G2
86 x Red LED strip light 12" 15LED 60" leads 12VDC
93 x 405nm 150mw TTL TEC cooled OEM 12VDC
67 x 1W 445nm blue laser diode driver / 405nm laser driver
6 x 830nm 20mW TTL Laser Module 12x30mm
39 x Sphere grow lens - set of 5 - for lab and student optics experim
9 x Sper Scientific Laser Power Meter
7 x AixiZ 5 pack 15x50mm Housing Blanks
17 x LASORB ESD protector for Red and IR laser diodes
76 x 405nm line 5mW Laser Module 12x30mm
88 x 850nm 25mW Laser Module 12x30mm
13 x 980nm 35mW OEM laser diode 3.2VDC w/ adj. lens 980 nm
36 x 650nm 200mW TTL 12VDC adjustable power
62 x 635nm 180mw TTL TEC cooled OEM 12VDC
71 x Cube grow lens - set of 5 - for lab and student optics experimen
3 x AixiZ 60° Line Generator for 12x30mm Housing
9 x 650nm 25mW Laser Module 3.2VDC 12x30mm
1 x Portable hand-held DJ Laser Show R/G
7 x AixiZ 45° Line Generator for 12x30mm Housing
70 x 635nm 100mw TTL TEC cooled OEM 12VDC
5 x AixiZ® Rotating Strobe LED Crystal stage light for Disco party
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